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CCDSIG is commited to establishing a collaborative relationship with local OB/GYN groups, hospitals, and social services to offer reliable information and support to new and expectant parents learning about a diagnosis of Down syndrome. Below you will find helpful resources for medical professionals delivering a positive result of a prenatal screen, prenatal diagnosis, or postnatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Please contact us with any questions or to share helpful resources with our members at

We encourage medical professionals delivering a diagnosis of Down syndrome to view the talk Prenatal Diagnosis of Down Syndrome: Delivering Results in our New Age of Genetic Testing.

If time is a constraint, we suggest starting the video at 44 minutes at which point Dr. Skotko begins to discuss delivering a diagnosis. Here is the research study Dr. Skotko refers to, Prenatal Diagnosis of Down Syndrome: How Best to Deliver the News.

Lettercase offers training for medical and genetics professionals and students on providing accurate, up-to-date, and balanced information following a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

When Bad News Isn’t Necessarily Bad: Recognizing Provider Bias When Sharing Unexpected News

Carissa Carroll, Christopher Carroll, Naomi Goloff and Michael B. Pitt
Pediatrics July 2018,  142 (1) e20180503; DOI:

Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network’s (DSDN) resources for medical professionals

Down Syndrome – A Guide to Relevant Facts
By Massachusets General Hospital Academy