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Below for your reference are a few organizations that provide useful information, opportunities, and resources for our members.

As a community, we have collected a number of resources over the years that we’d like to share with our members. From therapy and financial planning, to soccer and dance, this RESOURCE LIST serves as an ongoing, growing tool for you and your families. Please email if you’d like to contribute!

Kati Mac Floral Design

Kati Mac Education Foundation is a non-profit organization located in the heart of West Chester serving individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. We own and operate Kati Mac Floral Designs, a full-service floral design shop that offers unique creations for any floral need. We have an employment manager, a full-time design consultant, 3 shop assistants and 10 floral assistants with IDD. Our unique staff supports every step of the process from bloom to creation!

MISSION: The Kati Mac Education Foundation is a full-service floral design business providing a positive space for those with intellectual disabilities to learn, train, and grow through meaningful employment opportunities.

The leading human rights organization for individuals with Down syndrome.

Provides advocacy, education, and services for those with disabilities.

Regional education agency serving the 12 school districts in Chester County.

A comprehensive dental care guide for caregivers of patients with Down syndrome.

Leading national resource of support and information for anyone touched by or seeking to learn about Down syndrome, from the moment of a prenatal diagnosis through adulthood.