Margaret Stahelek

Board Member: Secretary

Margaret is a full time working mom with two beautiful girls and a caring husband Jimmy.  Lizzy is 13 years old and her daughter Alison (Ally) is 10.  At 20 weeks they were told to abort Ally and that she would never be born alive. By the grace of God she is now 8 years old, survived 3 heart surgeries, was on a ventilator and had a tracheostomy for 7 long years.  She has a feeding tube and is currently learning to eat. She utilizes a bipap machine at night with the help of nursing. In addition to having Down Syndrome she was also diagnosed with Autism.  Through it all she is a happy, silly, fun girl.  Her sister Lizzy is a true angel and is wonderful with Ally.  She has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and enjoys soccer, violin and girl scouts. They are both the light of Margaret’s life. She could not do it all without the help of her husband Jimmy.  He handles most of the doctor visits and medicines and stays up at night when the nurses call out. He allows Margaret to keep her job and to provide for their family.  He is a true blessing to her and his girls.

Margaret is so honored to be on the board and looks forward to helping others in any way that she can.

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