We’re More Alike Than Different …

Written by Jason Brennan on August 3rd, 2009

more alike

We’re More Alike Than Different.

It’s the theme of the new NDSC Down syndrome awareness campaign.

As resources mount we will bring that message to doctors, teachers, employers and your neighbors. It’s a simple, compelling and, ultimately, essential message delivered by self advocates – their stories told in their voices.

Each time our message appears on TV or in newspapers, the world will be reminded that people with Down syndrome are more like everybody else than different. That they love to dance, bowl, have pets and jobs. That they cope with everyday challenges and dream big dreams. That like all people, they deserve respect and a fair break.

The NDSC has produced a total of nine powerful television public service announcements – five in English and four in Spanish. You can preview all nine by clicking here. And, copies of all nine spots can be ordered by contacting the NDSC Center.

Please support this wonderful opportunity by clicking here to make your donation on line.

Or, contact us – by phone, toll-free, at 1-800-232-NDSC or via email at info@ndsccenter.org.

Won’t you please consider making a donation to the More Alike campaign fund? Every dollar counts!


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